Episode 6: Life Is A One-Way Journey

In this Episode, I am talking about Life is a One-Way Journey!

I discussed a 3-set skills you need in order to live to your fullest. 

Spiritual skills: 

  • Awareness of personal belief system. 
  • Your belief system defines the values that shape your character, behavior and personality. 
  • Your belief system also helps clarify on your personal mission statement: 
    • Who you are. 
    • Why you are here on earth. 
    • What kind of contribution you're meant to offer to society. 

Emotional skills: 

  • Awareness of your own emotions and feelings. 
  • Your belief system will equip you with how to respond to your emotions and feelings. 
  • Awareness of the emotions and feelings of people around you. Ability to respond to them. 
  • Ability to manage relationships. 

Cultural skills: 

  • Awareness of changes in culture. 
  • Ability to adapt to these changes without losing your own identity and values. 

I hope this is helpful to you. There are a lot that can help you work through these skills. Check some of my posts on my Blog to learn more: www.emmanuelnaweji.com



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