Episode 1: 8 Ways To Help You Take Full Control in Your Life

Hi there,

In this podcast, I am sharing with you 8 Ways that can help you take full control in your life. 

  1. Plan your life.
  2. Right thinking right action.
  3. Design your day.
  4. End your day for a more productive tomorrow.
  5. Positive talking.
  6. Relate better to people.
  7. Manage crisis with grace.
  8. Learn continually.

Here are some of the things I mentioned in this podcast, most of which are on  my blog, www.emmanuelnaweji.com:

  • Books on Kindle. I love Kindle because I can a ton of books with me on my devices and read from anywhere I am.
  • Podcasts. Every time I am driving, I have always made it my discipline to learn one or two things from someone else on Podcast.
  • Youtube. I search for something I need and watch it on Youtube.
  • Newsify is an RSS news reader for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It helps you read and share your favorite websites and blogs on your devices.
  • Udemy is another tool I use for my own learning. Some courses are paid and others are not.

Thank you for tunining in! 

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