Episode 2: 11 Tweaks to your daily routine will make your days more meaningful

This is based on the blog post, “11 Teaks to your daily Routine will Make Your Days More Meaningful” from my blog, www.emmanuelnaweji.com. Check that out to learn more. 

1. Start your day with a morning ritual. Begin the day in a time of meditation: Prayer, Bible reading and Journaling.

2. Plan your day. If you don't plan it, someone else will do it and according to their schedule. Or other demands, which you probably don't have to deal with, will fill out your calendar.⠀⠀

3. You need a distraction-free environment for planning.⠀⠀

4. Practice self care. This has to do with your spirit, soul, mind and body.

5. Don’t multitask. Research has proven that our brain can only process a given information input at a time. Humans trying to do so much at a time underperform those who only focus on a single task.⠀⠀

6. Resist the tyranny of the urgent. Your day to be meaningful will be determined by accomplishing what matters most. Separate what needs your immediate attention from what can wait and be addressed at a latter time.

7. Get ready for tomorrow before leaving your workplace.

8. Learn to say NO.

9. Check emails at a chosen time.⠀⠀⠀

10. Be on Social Media at a designated time.

11. Make Technology work for you. Technology is a good thing, but it should never replace the human heart and brain. It does not have to be your master. What I mean is technology should always work for you because you are its master.

I hope this is helpful and if it is so, please share with someone else. Have a blessed weekend!

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